Debra A. Cole is a Kansas playwright. Cole’s works have been featured at the Midwest Dramatist Conference, Heralds of Hope D.C., The Playground Experiment Voices of America Monologues Volume #1 NYC, Potluck Productions Kansas City, and area Kansas Schools.  62 of Debra's children's one act plays can be found on as of January 2020 . Her pieces offer actors of all ages wonderful opportunities for engaging and smart dialogue. Debra writes leaning toward female protagonists and gender neutral casting when possible.

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Follow Your Art

Students are on a field trip to an Art Museum when suddenly, they are no longer viewers, but active participants with famous artists as they create their masterpieces and pass along valuable lessons. (Approximately 60 minute Run Time)

G3: Grammar Guardians of Grantham

Chaos reigns the city streets on Grantham as words run rampant without structure or control.  Words run without stopping, mysteries are left unsolved, dancers don’t dazzle, toddler beauty queens exist in chaos, and that is all before the citizens even start to face the beast that lives within the Cave of Terror.  Without a complete understanding of punctuation, the city of Grantham will never find peace.  It will take the fearless team of G3: Grammar Guardians of Grantham to establish order and ultimately save the day... and language. (Approximately 60 minute Run Time)

Poetic Justice

Nursery Rhyme Poetry Court has a full docket with characters looking for answers.  Will poetic justice be served in this lively courtroom? (Approximately 60 minute Run Time)

Raining Cats & Dogs

Cats or dogs?  A group of birds help discover which neighborhood was the true inspiration for so many of the world’s idioms.   Will this flock be able to settle the dispute and establish brighter days by realizing that “great minds think alike?” (Approximately 60 minute Run Time)

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Make as Many Copies as Needed

Have as Many Performances as Needed

Taming the West

1880 Dodge City Depot sees rambunctious cowboys and weary travelers riding the rails in search of new adventure out west.  Restauranteur Mr. Fred Harvey creates a way to not only feed the masses, but bring elegance and manners to these rough and tumble travelers by creating The Harvey Girls.  These poised ladies find a way to tame the west with grace and style, all while reaching for their own dreams. (Approximately 60 minute Run Time)

Legs in Jeans


$10 Flat Fee

Make as Many Copies as Needed

Have as Many Performances as Needed

Downstream (Male-Teen)


Fierce (Female-Teen)


Fox Tail (Female-Teen)


I'm a Cheater (Male/Female/NonBinary-Teen)


Murder (Female-Teen)

My Sister (Female-Teen)

Old Friend (Female/NonBinary-Teen)

Smile (Female-Teen)

The Bubble (Female-Teen)

The Equation (Male/Female/NonBinary - Teen)

Time to Laugh (Male/Female/NonBinary - Teen)

Zombie Homecoming (Female-Teen)




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Make as Many Copies as Needed

Have as Many Performances as Needed

Baggage Surcharge


Dating is tough, but dating for after divorce is even harder.

Two middle aged singles meet up and discover if they can

make a connection.


Jessica: 45 year old divorcee - ready for love

Gary: 45 year old divorcee 

Tracy: 25, never married

Blue Birds


Couple friends are a rare gift, but when one of the couples separates and a new partner is found, one friend has a difficult time switching gears and opening himself up to this new adventure.


BRAD (M60s): old-school and not comfortable with new situations

DIANE (F60s): loving, kind, and patience with her husband Brad

RICK (M60s): starting a new life – ready for adventure

MEGAN (F30s): young, fearless, world traveler

Ending the Streak

SYNOPSIS: Pack and Ship stores are busy with returns after the holidays across the country. In one small Kentucky town, one woman is overwhelmed with her obligations and finds new ears to hear about her burdens of motherhood. These women just may be the wrong ears.


Barbara (F-60s): empty nester, calm and centered

Kim (F-40): suburban mother, dramatic, wears work out clothing everyday

Amber (F-25): young, single mom, works at Pack and Ship Central, polite

Her Too

SYNOPSIS:Her Too explores contrasting ideas about troubling male/female sexual relations among three generations in a single family. Each family member insists that his or her point of view is the right one.  The real truth changes everything.


Ann (F):  strong and self-reliant adult daughter

Kurt (M): old school and stubborn father

Cheryl (F):  loving and supportive mother

Justin (M):  college bound grandson who adores his family

The Gift of Perfection

 SYNOPSIS: Disease, mental disabilities, crime, pain, and physical abnormalities have been eliminated. Now, humans are at their peak of perfection including the gift of telepathy. The gift helps create a perfect society with The Registry at the helm. For the few humans who do not possess psychic ability, they are considered a risk and need processing before phasing out.



ANDERSON (M/F/NB, Any Age): The Registry’s Psychic Disability Agent

BAKER (M/F/NB, 16): artist, naïve, believes the gift is present despite testing

ESTON (M/F/NB, 30):  musician, lived with a secret and paid the price

LENNOX (M/F/NB, 60): legendary figure in the lore of the Outliers 

We Wait

SYNOPSIS:  Surgery waiting rooms at hospitals are a strange place where strangers share moments of great concern and sadness.  Anxiety takes on many forms in humans.  During   a singular shared moment in time, family, friends, and strangers cope the best they can.


Jackie (F): Frank’s wife - comes with a bag full of snacks and drinks

Frank (M):  Jackie’s husband - Frank’s brother is having surgery - few words - works on crossword puzzles

Linda (F): over the top, big hair, big jewelry, dressed for the hospital to be seen - here for co-worker

Marcia (F): elderly - loves her dog - here for sister/partner

Josh (M): young high school kid - here for mother

Paster Mike (M):  Randy’s pastor

Paster Fred (M): Randy’s wife’s pastor

Randy (M):  funny guy, his wife is having surgery - uses humor to cope

Grace (F): quiet, listens to everyone - husband is having surgery

Nurse June (F):  sweet and kind


$10 Flat Fee

Make as Many Copies as Needed

Have as Many Performances as Needed

Cruella Couture (Female-Adult)

Hong Kong Racist (Male/Female/NonBinary - Adult)

I'm Not a Racist (Female - Adult)

One Small Cardboard Box (Female - Adult)

The First (Female - Adult)




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